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Evergreen's Services


Mowing Maintenance

Our maintenance contracts include weekly or bi-weekly mowing, trimming, yard pickup, and more.

Contact us today to customize your maintenance.

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Old leaves can allow bugs, fungus and other disease to impact the health of your lawn.  Evergreen can effectively remove all leaves.

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Mulch is a great filler to go around your plants, bushes, and shrubs.It’s an incredible material which actually limits weed growth and  creates a layer of biological moisture absorption that encourages plant growth. 

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Pine Needles

Pine needles are a great flower bed route to keep your flowers and bushes standing out!  Pine needles can also protect your plants.


Hedge Trimming

Pruning improves the curb appeal of your shrubs, as well as keeping them healthy and full.  Our professionals know when and how to effectively trim your hedges to allow them to reach their full potential.


Aeration + Seeding

Do you want a green, Lucious yard??

Contact us today!

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